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And all of their lives rest in the palm of your hand, Creator. 

It is up to you to decide whether time is cruel or kind.  

A resource management and God simulator game where you manipulate the environment by ageing certain aspects of it. 

Breed your creations.  Use them to harvest food and wood. Teach children to improve their skills. Build houses and the Shrine. 


Mouse Scroll: Zoom. 

Left Click on Panel: View extra info. 

Left Click and Drag Person: Move and Assign

Right Click and Drag Planet: Rotates the planet. 

Right Click and Drag Sky : Rotates the z-axis. 

Spacebar: Speed up and skip dialogue.

Click and drag appropriately aged creations onto resources to assign them. 

A Game By:
Dyna Da Silva  (instagram - @not_dyna) 

 Art Direction
Asset creation

Faheem Moolla (instagram - @dreamaboutfaheem)

Front End Developer
UI/UX Design
Additional Code

Liam Kloppers  (twitter- @cryingcavecat)

Game Design and Play testing
Additional Code

Wesley Stander (instagram - @wesleystander1)

Systems developer 
Game Design
Gameplay Programmer

Install instructions

    • Breed your creation. Use them to harvest food and crops. Build houses and the shrine. Teach children to improve their skills.
    • Controls:
    • Mouse-scroll: zoom in and out.
      Left click on panel: view extra info.
      Left click drag person: move and assign them.
      Right click drag on planet: rotates the planet.
      Right click drag on sky : rotate on the z-axis.
      Spacebar: speed up and skip dialogue
    • Unzip the Chronospark file. Navigate into the folders. Play Chronospark.exe


    Chronospark.zip 45 MB


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    this game makes me remember how much i hate god Sad Face im god and is there a way to change the skin color of people lol


    I like the game but the tutorial never told me how to assign people to jobs

    (2 edits)

    Glad you liked it! It seems to be one of those weird development blind spots we had where we misjudged the intuitiveness of certain actions.  It should be a simple click and drag onto the resource if the age is allowed to.  We will modify it in future iterations.


    Hey everyone! Another chance and try at the play through of Chronospark. A few suggestions I am making for the updates. Hope you enjoy the video!


    Great game though I am a bit rusty I hope you enjoy the let's play always support indie games and I hope to see more updates here soon!

    Thanks for playing! Definitely also brought forth some more considerations going forward with the game.

    Thank you for making awesome games :) i will defo try it again with more insight :)